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# Copyright (c) 2023 Philip May, Deutsche Telekom AG
# Copyright (c) 2023-2024 Philip May
# This software is distributed under the terms of the MIT license
# which is available at

"""Markdown specific module.

    Use pip to install the necessary dependencies for this module:
    ``pip install mltb2[md]``

import re
from dataclasses import dataclass
from typing import Final, List

from tqdm import tqdm

from mltb2.transformers import TransformersTokenCounter

_HEADLINE_REGEX: Final = re.compile(r"^#+ .*", flags=re.MULTILINE)

[docs]def _chunk_md_by_headline(md_text: str) -> List[str]: """Chunk Markdown by headlines. Args: md_text: The Markdown text to be chunked. Returns: The list of Markdown chunks. """ positions: List[int] = [m.start() for m in re.finditer(_HEADLINE_REGEX, md_text)] # extend positions if 0 not in positions: positions = [0] + positions # noqa: RUF005 positions.append(len(md_text)) result = [md_text[x:y].strip() for x, y in zip(positions, positions[1:])] return result
[docs]def chunk_md(md_text: str) -> List[str]: """Chunk Markdown by headlines and merge isolated headlines. Merges isolated headlines with their corresponding subsequent paragraphs. Headings isolated at the end of ``md_text`` (headings without content) are removed in this process. Args: md_text: The Markdown text to be chunked. Returns: The list of Markdown chunks. """ md_chunks = _chunk_md_by_headline(md_text) merged_chunks = [] temp_merged_chunk = [] for chunk in md_chunks: temp_merged_chunk.append(chunk) if "\n" in chunk: # content chunk found joined_content = "\n\n".join(temp_merged_chunk) merged_chunks.append(joined_content) temp_merged_chunk = [] # if len(temp_content) > 0 this is only headlines and we skip them return merged_chunks
[docs]@dataclass class MdTextSplitter: """Split Markdown text into sections with a specified maximum token number. Does not divide headings with their corresponding paragraphs. Args: max_token: Maximum number of tokens per text section. Can only be exceeded if a single Markdown chunk is already larger. transformers_token_counter: The token counter to be used. show_progress_bar: Show a progressbar during processing. """ max_token: int transformers_token_counter: TransformersTokenCounter show_progress_bar: bool = False
[docs] def __call__(self, md_text: str) -> List[str]: """Split the Markdown text into sections. Args: md_text: The Markdown text to be split. Returns: The list of Markdown section splits. """ md_chunks = chunk_md(md_text) counts = self.transformers_token_counter(md_chunks) assert len(md_chunks) == len(counts) # type: ignore[arg-type] result_merges: List[str] = [] temp_merges: List[str] = [] current_count: int = 0 for md_chunk, count in zip( tqdm(md_chunks, disable=not self.show_progress_bar), counts # type: ignore[arg-type] ): if current_count + count > self.max_token and len(temp_merges) > 0: joined_content = "\n\n".join(temp_merges) result_merges.append(joined_content) temp_merges = [] current_count = 0 current_count += count temp_merges.append(md_chunk) # add the rest if len(temp_merges) > 0: joined_content = "\n\n".join(temp_merges) result_merges.append(joined_content) return result_merges