The psiKeds Manifesto


The purpose system induced knowledge entity delivery system shall enable knowledge engineers to represent the domain specific knowledge in a knowledge base by following a domain independent approach; and it shall enable knowledge users to request the purpose system induced knowledge entity delivery system for inferred knowledge entities as descriptions of  domain objects. Particularly it shall develop and distribute ...

  • a resolution engine fitting the principles of purpose systems and variants
  • a knowledge base editor using the advantages of these principles
  • a query agent cooperating with such a resolution engine


Be supported by artificial intelligence! Do not artificially support intelligence.


  • Be really usable : The same recipe of representation steps for different domains - without losing specifity.
  • Be reliably open: An integrated use of the open source spirit - including the giving back of the own work.
  • Be reasonably convenient: A convincing offer of simple tools - without reducing the complexity of the world.

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