First of all, html pages are documents. They are delivered to and presented by the 'internet browsers'. Html pages, themselves, are not software. But nevertheless, they can contain free components (images) or can be derived from free templates. Moreover, they can also ask the browsers to download and execute free and open (java) script software libraries and code. Of course, all these components have to be used compliantly. Mostly, their licenses require 'only' to designate the copyright owners. This is the first purpose of this page. 


But, there is one general challenge: (1) Many open source licenses require to deliver the license itself together with the software, in the meaning that the "permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software" (MIT).  (2) Java script libraries are often offered in a compressed form for accelerating the download. So, they only contain a minimal set of copyright information and not the license itself. (3) Hence, a site which uses for example the java script library jquery (licensed under the permissive MIT license) violates the licensing of the jquery library even if the site uses the library in exactly that form the jquery project has offered in its download area.

This contradiction can be solved in three ways: (A) You can use only the uncompressed package [bad for the velocity of your site]. (B) You can manually add the license text into the java script library [bad for the velocity and stability of your site: changing a lib can evoke errors]. (C) You can 'ignore' the strict meaning of the license and deliver the license independently of the package and only on behalf of the explicitly wish of the user [suboptimal to fulfill the license in a strict sense].

But even the FSF has mentioned this problem. Moreover, although it normally insists to respect the licenses strictly, in this case it propose the solution (C). Following this well accepted model, we also deliver the licenses only as a separated file if the reader requests for it. This is the second purpose of this page. 

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